**Here are some Cool Links for Kids of all Ages, Educational and Fun**

ACE Kids - Games, activities, sci-fi, contests, links, parent info and more!
AOL@School - includes fun facts, brain teasers, study kits, research & reference, news & current events and search & explore to help you find websites by topic
Billy Bear's Playground - tons of things to do 
Disney - The name speaks for itself! 
Encarta Online Encyclopedia Premium - on-line encyclopedia, dictionary, atlas and homework help
- homework help and fun activities to exercise your brain
Gustown - Watch movies, join the CyberBud club, finish a story and more. 
International Kid's Space - This is an EXCELLENT site! Make sure you check it out! 
KidsClick! - helps you find websites by topic
Kid's Com - a communication playground for ages 4-15. 
Kidz - is a MUST VISIT site! It has tons of things to do...puzzles, games, contests, comics and much, much more! 
Lego - Play games and find out about the newest sets. 
Lifesaver's Candystand - This site is absolutely loaded with things to do! You can spend hours here and still not see it all! A must visit site! Check it out! 
MCA Universal Playroom - Arcade, coloring, music and movies. 
The McGuffie Adventure Gang - contains online stories, music, games and more! Kid Friendly site award winner!  
Multiflyer - a fun, space-age game to help you work on your multiplication skills
The National Student/Parent Mock Election makes students and parent aware of the power of the ballot by actively involving them in a full-fledged campaign and national election.
Planet Troll - activities, games and stories for all ages! 
Reading Rainbow - from PBS online. 
Summer Fun - lots of fun things to do for kids who get bored during the summer. 
Warner Bros. Online - is slow loading, but a good site to find out about shows, learn about animation, etc. 
WWW 4 Kidz - has book and movie reviews by and for kids...contests, links and more. 
You Can with Beakman and Jax - an interactive site with answers to obscure science questions.


Carlos' Coloring Book - Just choose your picture and color away! You can save it too. 
3-D KnowledgeLand - for toddlers - 2nd grade. Games, contests, science and more! 
LITTLE EXPLORERS - is a wonderful site! Preschoolers can surf the web easily using a picture dictionary. 


Garfield - It's play time! Tons of fun, feline style, with a Garfield lasagna game, a trivia quiz, super screen savers and much more! 
KidPub - includes more than 8,000 stories written by kids from all over! Submit your own, add to theirs, visit KidMud chat and more! 
Lamb Chop's Play-Along
The Magic School Bus - TV show episodes, games, books, art gallery, news and more! 
Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood


Goosebumps - Fan Club, Photo gallery, books and more
MidLink Magazine - An electronic magazine for kids in the middle grades – generally ages 10 to 15. Browse through their interactive space to enjoy art and writing that will link middle school kids all over the world. MidLink is published four times each year: fall, winter, spring and summer. 
Kiddin' Around - designed for middle school kids and teenagers. 
Puzzle Archive - A web resource locator, including information on various topics and links to games. 


Great Kids - Read their stories, join in a discussion, visit their chat and tell your OWN Great kid story, even if it's about YOU! 

Other interesting and educational sites.

Animal Omnibus - Looking for information on a specific animal? Animal Omnibus is a list of web sources indexed by the name of the animal. For example, looking up African Elephant will produce a list of hyperlinks to sources with elephant information. Great site! 
Apollo 11 - Relive Apollo 11's historic mission, travel back 25 years through time as you view some old images, listen to the sounds of a nation going to the moon and so much more! 
WormWorld - Part of the Yuckiest Site on the Internet. Find out about the worms in your yard, read interviews with some of worms exotic cousins and learn how worms act as nature's recyclers. This is a really FUN site! 
Ask Dr. Math - All school levels! Submit your own question to Dr. Math! 
B-EYE - See the world through the eyes of a honey bee. 
Brain Teasers - Join the fun and get everyone involved in solving these brain teasers and puzzles. You don't need to be a math whiz to solve these – all you need is some patience and, on occasion, a different way of looking at things. Grades 3 - 7+. 
Buckman Elementary School - Portland Oregon. 
Busch Gardens SeaWorld - Loads and Loads of information! Whales, penguins, turtles, sharks and more! 
Cat Fanciers - General Information about Cats and Cat Care, Cat Breed Descriptions, Cat Shows, Cat Clubs and Registries. Lots of info!  
Children's Software and More! - Here you'll find shareware and freeware for the Mac and PC, commercial demos, reviews of children's software, and other fun activities for kids. 
Dinosaurs! - Brought to you by Honolulu Community College. Interesting photos and information on all kinds of dinosaurs. 
Discovery Channel Online - Loaded with cool info and facts! A must visit site! 
The Elements of Style - Grammar Instruction. 
Explorit Science Center - A hands-on science center for people of all ages. Located in Davis, California. 
Gryphon House Collection - A great collection of children's books from Gryphon House Books. 
Kids Space: ER For Kids -Questions and answers to help kids protect themselves and handle emergencies. Offered by the Office of Florida Attorney General Bob Butterworth. 
The Learning Studio - Over 200 reviews of the best sites for science, art, and education. 
National Air & Space Museum - Smithsonian Institution. Map and Exhibits, News and Events, Educational Programs and more. 
National Geographic/Kids - PIRATES! Take a high seas adventure, find out about BlackBeard, Pirate Books and links to other sites on Pirates. 
Elementary Science This Month - Each month offers a biography of a scientist and tie-in activity, a picture and description of an animal, a map of the night sky, and an astronomy activity and finally a question asked by a reader with an activity to explain the concept. 
National Wildlife Federation - Ranger Rick - Games, take a tour, camps, ideas, more.
Neuroscience for Kids - Created for elementary and secondary school students and teachers who would like to learn more about the nervous system. Activities and experiments. 
The Nine Planets - A Multimedia Tour of the Solar System. Images, sound, movies and loaded with info on our Solar System. 
Online Educational Resources - Providing pointers to some online resources for students and educators. 
Safari Touch Tank - Learn about sea plants and creatures by clicking on them in the Touch Tank.
Science Hobbiest - Cool Science, Amateur Science, Weird Science and more! 
Silly Billy's World School of Computer Art - Learn to Draw. 
Stage Hand Puppets - On-Line Puppet Theater, learn to make puppets, tips, patterns and more. 
Superkids - The Parent's and Teacher's Guide to Software. Providing unbiased reviews of children's software by parents, teachers, and kids. It'll help you save money, and provide insights and advice that will improve your child's chances for success! 
Tour Egypt - Color Me Egypt: Just for Kids. An educational site about Ancient Egypt and related ancient history during that era. This site has a coloring book which can be downloaded and printed. (Official site of the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism). 
Virtual Galapagos! - Take an extraordinary journey through wildlife and adventure with the TerraQuest Team. A MUST VISIT SITE for kids and parents alike! 
Volcanoes of the World - Learn all about volcanoes, where they are located, current eruptions and you can even ask questions! 
The Whirligig Farm - Whirligigs, windmills and kinetic sculpture.
WWW Select-A-Dog - Learn all about the different breeds of dogs. Interesting facts and photos.
White House for Kids - Write the President, find out about Socks and lots more. 


online books and stories

A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett 
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland 
Alice Through the Looking Glass 
The Call of the Wild by Jack London 
Children's Stories, Poems, Pictures and Sounds 
How to tell the Birds from the Flowers 
The Internet Public Library Story Hour 
The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling 
Little Women by Louisa May Alcott 
Manford of MorningGlory Mountain 
Mike Rofone - The Roving Reporter 
The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett 
The Spell Of The Yukon And Other Verses by Robert W. Service 
The Time Machine by Herbert George (H G) Wells - 1898 
Theodore Tugboat 
Wacky Web Tales